TBG has performed many assignments for many public and private real estate clients related to our areas of expertise. However, certain assignments are of particular interest and note due to: the implementation of an innovative design or solution to an issue… successful change under complex circumstances… significant value creation or financial improvement… outstanding performance from more productive and motivated management… or an unusual issue that required a novel approach to its solution.

These “Success Stories” are worthy of special note to readers, to more fully understand the depth, strength and creative capacity of TBG in working with and resolving important and urgent client business situations.*

Aligned Incentives
Foster Performance

For one of the largest national full service real estate service organizations, TBG’s compensation review and restructuring of performance criteria for their top 25 U.S. operations executives built a more consistent and comprehensive incentive structure that for the first time directly integrated the financial objectives of the Board of Directors.

REIT CEO/Executive Compensation after
Strategic Repositioning

Following the financial restructuring of its corporate debt and equity, and significant downsizing due to disposition of a large portion of its portfolio, a new executive compensation plan provided renewed cash and equity opportunity for CEO/Senior management directly linked to increases in share price, incorporating performance vesting of options and restricted shares, and DER’s.

Corporate Real Estate Strategy

For the largest electric utility in the Midwest, TBG provided analysis, strategy and recommendations for the successful transition of their Real Estate Services Group into a business unit able to be more responsive to market economic opportunity as well as the asset management needs stemming from deregulation.

High Growth from
Strong Alignment with Compensation

TBG shaped an innovative compensation Plan for the emergence of a new regional property management company – now growing at a rate to achieve 15 million SF in 24 months – propelled in part by a multi-layered incentive plan aligned with a corporate culture aimed at highly motivated long-term employees – including base salary, annual bonus, rolling 3 year performance bonus, Profit Sharing and participating 401(k) Plan.

Efficiencies from REIT Reorganization

For a large retail REIT, TBG provided operations, management, compensation and staffing assessment, and led the successful review and implementation of a 20% downsizing of staff, complete reorganization of major functional authority, and the achievement of significant operating efficiency.

Change in
Brokerage Compensation

A large national real estate services company’s problem of rising brokerage infrastructure cost, declining % of covered “desk” costs, and sluggish production increases gave rise to a transformation of their brokerage compensation structure to reinvigorate motivation - through additional and restructured commission splits, a cumulative award provision, and greater use of salary/bonus compensation.

Reinventing a REIT
Leasing Function

The financial impact of rising vacancies from lack of leasing focus compounded by a slowing lease approval time was reversed by clarity of inside/outside leasing responsibilities and associated compensation, a risk management approach to the leasing process, and increased Regional Management leasing accountability.

Operational Revival

For the Board of Directors of a private company with a multi-building mid-rise office complex, TBG’s comprehensive operation review and tenant survey stimulated implementation of numerous management and operational recommendations – increasing efficiency, accelerating lease-up, and adding significant value.

Protecting Value

For a major lender, TBG provided an operational and financial review of a troubled 3,200 acre golf/country club and residential community in California, and acted in the role of Receiver, providing financial control, operations management, transaction advice, and asset management during the period prior to lender foreclosure.

Branding a REIT
Service Opportunity

For a venture of the largest office REIT and one of the leading global architectural firms, TBG’s financial, strategic and operations planning supported the underwriting of a plan to integrate branded high-end business service, conference, concierge, meeting and training centers into their national and international office portfolio.

Platform for a
Global Service Strategy

After the spin-off of its multi-family partnership business, a complete reorganization of this public company’s many functions into two key business lines - Transactions and Property Services – restructuring executive responsibility/authority, allowing for its emergence as a global competitor in the real estate services sector, and positioning it for growth into the second largest such provider.

Expanded Equity

For a $500 million private investment portfolio, TBG’s management and operational review led to new opportunities in business strategy, changes in operational policy and opportunity for additional executive participation in partnership and corporate equity.

Structuring Compensation
for Performance

For the management and Board of Directors of several private and public real estate companies, as well as global service providers, TBG’s market compensation review and recommendations for executives, as well as programmatic recommendations for effective short and long-term alignment between compensation and corporate goals, stimulated increased performance.

REIT Downsizing
After Asset

For a Southern California based retail REIT, TBG led an operational downsizing and restructuring for continued operations with 70% of the prior personnel following the disposition of nearly 40% of its assets to facilitate the restructure of its balance sheet.

Portfolio Recovery -
Chapter 11

TBG provided financial analysis, operational management oversight and strategic direction for the successful confirmation of a Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization for a 40-property private placement investment portfolio involving over 500 investors. TBG also acts in the role of executive management for the Post-Confirmation operation of the reorganized Debtor focused on achieving maximum recovery.

Growth Plan Achieved

For the Property Management and Leasing business of a national real estate services company, TBG provided strategy, organization, compensation and financial planning leading to the Board of Directors approval of investment for expansion in three U.S. regions, and the successful achievement of business plan objectives.

Stronger Incentives for Operating Executives

TBG provided comprehensive compensation assessment and structuring for real estate operations management in public and private companies related to property accounting, property management, leasing compensation, and performance incentive.

* Certain summaries above may be associated with successful engagements of the Principals of THE BRADFORD GROUP during their career, including TBG co-consulting assignments.
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