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TBG Strategic Compensation Management (SCM)
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THE BRADFORD GROUP (TBG) provides a unique range of management advisory services to the Real Estate industry focusing on REITs, service companies and investment/development companies. TBG assists clients in achieving and sustaining high levels of corporate and managerial performance, delivered from a platform with clear distinctions in the marketplace.

TBG’s assignments frequently resolve critical, confidential and urgent corporate issues that directly effect leadership, management, retention, financial and operational performance, guided by recommendations generated from years of experience and market knowledge.

> CEO and Senior Executive Compensation
> Corporate Governance
> Operating Management Compensation
> Incentive Plan Design and Perfomance Criteria
> Organizational Review/Design
> Business Planning and Operational Effectiveness
> Transition Management

Real estate is an industry that faces extraordinary new challenges that will reshape its future, as it moves beyond its core business success in asset investment and management. Compelling change will occur from: independent and active governance, increasingly knowledgeable and selective investors, corporate vs. product/portfolio focus, efficiencies from technology, developing corporate managers, driving sustained performance, transitions in strategic leadership, and management operating execution.

At this industry turning point, TBG’s services are focused on the needs and changes in the governance, strategic, organizational, managerial, operational and motivational infrastructure required to meet these challenges.

Significant among public market leadership benchmarks will be executive compensation ? itself entering a new era... shifting to a broader strategic context, subject to greater regulation and scrutiny, and requiring increasing clarity in the communication of rationale.

TBG meets this challenge with its proprietary model – SCM –designed for the next frontier of executive compensation decision-making... fostering greater opportunity, leading governance, and improved operating performance.

TBG’s success is also derived from its commitment to strong long-term working relationships with Boards, Committees, CEOs and Senior Management, conveying insight and recommendations directed to enhance enterprise value.

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